Círculo con Texto

мой, follows a few months of concerns. It follows my first years of life and my first steps in a land unknown to me for a long time.

13x20 cm
26 Pages
Soft cover, poster
Digital printing
Offset 120 Paper

My family and I have always been a bit chaotic when it comes to family and friends pictures. A few months ago I went through an identity crisis and asked myself a lot of questions. One of them was: Do I have my adoption pictures? The answer was yes. At the time I saw everything very disjointed and I didn't know when exactly those images were from. That's why I wanted to make a compilation edition with all the photos of those moments. The photographs are grouped around themes or days, so it makes the reading much more understandable. The edition is accompanied by a cover that serves as an index and at the same time as a poster.