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Roca is a photobook that immortalizes the journey along the road of La Roca, an artery located in the province of Barcelona.

62 pages
Digital Printing
Offset 60 Paper

This itinerary has persisted over time as a transitory, depersonalized and anonymous space, characterized by the presence of industries, cultivated fields and even the manifestation of prostitution. This road has historically been an environment in which human relationships are ephemeral, and individuals lack permanence and identity is diluted in anonymity. Through photographs of the journey, a narrative is woven from the Cacaolat Factory to the end of the road, encapsulating the very essence of Roca. All this is what Roca represents. You can follow the kilometers on the wasteland and you can awaken a feeling of loneliness, anonymity and incomprehension. This project divines the complexity of human experience in a seemingly trivial space, revealing layers of meaning that transcend mere physical geography to explore the emotional and social dimensions present in the route of La Roca.