Círculo con Texto

“If it was the last moment I was going to live, god knows I'm innocent...” 

10x23 cm
45 Pages
Digital printing
Offset 120 Paper

"The day he loved me, is the day I died. And I was reborn as a witch" is an edition that aims to give voice to all those women who could not speak at the time. It discloses a list of names of women (and men) who were victims of the inquisition, hatred and fear. It is used as a resource, the fact of listing and mentioning the name of the victim, the year she was murdered, where she died and finally, the why and how. Moreover, in the center of the publication, portraits and demands of these persecutions are shown. In addition, a video was made so that the viewer could empathize by seeing portraits of real women, and come to think about the suffering they all lived through.