Círculo con Texto

“A project that stands out for its honesty and sensitivity. It shows how design can function as a tool for change and provide an opportunity to spin untold stories.” 

ADG FAD Jury verdict

15x25 cm
246 Pages
Digital printing
Shiro Eco Paper

Des de Rússia amb amor, is my final project of my graphic design degree, which was born from months of constant questions about my roots, identity and adoption, my project talks about how my life could have been if I would have stayed in the place where I was born. What would have been my home, my school, my friends, my way of life and everything that makes up being from a place. The book is divided into two parts, one textual, and one photographic, in which through images from Google Maps and Yandex, I pose face to face with the multiple stories that I would have lived there. This project proposes a life parallel to my own. What would my life have been like if I had stayed in my country of origin? Would it be different from what it is now?